Union Bank opens ‘Special Rupee Vostro’ account in Malaysia: All you need to know

Union Bank opens ‘Special Rupee Vostro’ account in Malaysia: All you need to know

To facilitate transactions among India and Malaysia withinside the Indian rupee, Union Bank of India (UBI) introduced on Saturday the hole of its `Special Rupee Vostro` account in Malaysia. UBI`s declaration got here on an afternoon the ministry of outside affairs stated the 2 nations can now settle alternate withinside the rupee as well, similarly to the cutting-edge modes of agreement in different currencies, together with the Malaysian Ringgit.

With this, UBI has grow to be the primary Indian financial institution to operationalise a Vostro account withinside the fellow Asian nation. The account has been operationalised thru the India International Bank of Malaysia (IIBM), UBI`s corresponding financial institution in that country.

Here is all you want to understand approximately a `Special Rupee Vostro` financial institution account:

(1.) In July 2022, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) determined to permit the agreement of India`s global alternate in rupee. Accordingly, accredited Indian banks ought to open and keep Special Rupee Vostro money owed of the companion buying and selling country`s banks.

(2.) These money owed hold the overseas financial institution`s holdings withinside the Indian counterpart, in rupees. When an Indian dealer desires to make a fee to a overseas dealer in rupees, the quantity can be credited to this Vostro account.

(3). Similarly, withinside the opposite scenario, the quantity to be paid to an Indian dealer is deducted from the Vostro account, and credited to the person`s normal account.

(4.) According to PTI, as on March 15, Indian banks, together with HDFC Bank and UCO Bank, had opened as many as 30 such money owed in 18 nations. The companion global banks consist of Sberbank and VTB, the most important and second-largest, respectively, in Russia.

(5.) The overall alternate among India and Malaysia reached $19.four billion in FY 2021-22, as according to Union Bank. Also, at present, 1 Malaysian Ringgit is equal to approx. ₹19 in India.


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